sparkle farms

Sparkle Farms was a decently established modesty shorts company for young girls making most of their sales through Amazon. They approached us with the goal of improving their online presence and increasing sales.

The leadership at Sparkle Farms reached out to Click Collective for guidance on how to best approach their challenge. We identified several opportunities that we were confident would lead to success for Sparkle Farms, including updating their brand and building brand awareness through a long-term social media campaign.

Old sparkle farms logo new sparkle farms logo


The Click Collective team started by identifying key goals for Sparkle Farms and identifying opportunities that we felt would contribute to the long-term success of the project and for the Sparkle Farms Brand. Through extensive research and consultation, we uncovered key areas that needed improvement including branding, sales journey and social presence.


Sparkle Farms had been using an outdated logo that didn’t represent their business well, The Click Collective’s branding team was up for the challenge of developing a charming, playful and meaningful logo that showed off what is special about the Sparkle Farms brand. This hand drawn logo conveys the movement, fun and function of the shorts.


Our expert website development team worked closely with designers and the Sparkle Farms team to create a website that was a cute and charming as Sparkle Farms’ shorts. We incorporated custom, hand drawn patterns and icons to give the site a playful look while keeping a clean and easily navigable and functional structure to help busy parents find what they are looking for quickly.

art direction

Our branding team worked closely with the Sparkle Farms team to art direct a series of custom photoshoots to capture bespoke images of children wearing Sparkle Farms shorts for use throughout their website and social media. Our creative team even staged and created custom product shots to round out their gallery of branded images.

growth & success

After reimagining the logo and launching the new website, our team launched a social media campaign to increase brand awareness and drive sales. The new brand is a hit, showcasing what makes Sparkle Farms special and adding a little charm to parent’s social media feeds.

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