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We were approached by the Procopio Companies to develop a luxury brand, logo design and website for a new apartment complex in Lynn, MA. Their goal was to attract young professionals working in Boston. We focused on a target audience looking for a space outside the city, full of amenities, close to shops and easy to commute from but that still embraced an outdoor and active lifestyle.

The challenge was to create a high-end brand, attractive logo and engaging website that captured the rich lifestyle and convenience of the area.

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We carefully researched the area, target audience and consulted the Procopio team on their goals for Ironwood Lynn’s branding. Our challenge was to create something modern and cutting edge that also had an earthy and outdoorsy vibe. Our creative team got to work sketching and rendering and ultimately delivered a custom icon based off of an actual ironwood tree’s leaf and custom, hand crafted typography that harkened to the strength of the ironwood tree’s trunks.


We developed a user friendly website full of helpful resources and information for prospective renters and current tenants alike. We included a tenant portal and bulletin board so renters could stay up to date on various events and activities the complex had to offer. The result is a beautifully designed website that focuses on the user and guides them to the information they need.

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With great branding in place the website and print materials came together seamlessly. Our team applied the custom branding to signage, a website, social media and more to create a cohesive, inviting feel for the Ironwood brand across multiple platforms.

This approach was a success! By engaging prospective tenants online and providing more detailed information through a custom website, Ironwood Luxury Apartment complex sold out and expanded into a second building!

Services We Provided Brand Strategy Logo Design Signage Website Development Content Strategy

Professional Photo Credits: Procopio Companies and DMS Design

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